[RECAP] East side Eats

By Brian Asin

A community service project to end the summer on the right note

This past weekend, members of our rover scout crew initiated East Side Eats, the first of many community service activities planned for the last quarter of 2016. East Side Eats is a project that our crew holds close to our hearts, the last iteration having been only a few months ago, during Scout Canada’s Good Turn Week. As we have done in the past, a group of rover scouts came together early in the morning to prepare 585 sandwich lunches, exceeding our original target of 500.

Sandwiches made by the rovers, to be distributed later that day
Rovers at the Strathcona Community Centre preparing sandwich lunches with care

Later on, we headed to Oppenheimer park, where we set out to distribute the freshly made lunches to members of the Downtown Eastside community. Splitting into teams, we were able to branch out to the streets in the surrounding area, and reach out to many people. We continued well into the day with bananas and water bottles, ending only once our boxes were empty.

East Side Eats is a very important project to us because it shows people living in the area that we are looking out for them. Our contribution, though small, was much appreciated by the members of the community, who expressed their gratitude and rooted us on.


Jai-Hui Song, one of our rovers, directed this wonderful video of our experience.

Check out our Local Community Service Page for more on how we give back to our community. Also, be sure to come back to our blog  for updates on all our activities throughout the year!

Brian Asin

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