RECAP: Steveston Salmon Festival

By Sandra Lee

“… One of the largest non-profit Canada Day celebrations.. [It is] a testament to the over sixty year tradition of commitment to this community by the residents which is as strong today as it was then”.

Steveston Festival History

We are so lucky to live in Vancouver, a place that celebrates and supports non-profit organizations such as our own Scout Group. For nearly a decade, we’ve been trying to sustain this spirit through our continuous support of the community members along with the 12th Richmond Scout Group.

During the festival, we participated in 3 sections:

  1. Pancake breakfast: Sold and cooked pancakes with the 12th Richmond Scout Group.
  2. Citizenship Ceremony: Ushered guests, stood guard, and performed a colour party.
  3. Canada Day Parade: Promoted the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group and Scouts Canada with our Rovers and members of the Scout Troop youth.

Our friendship with the 12th Richmond Scout Group has lasted nearly a decade. Just like any scout group, this group needed to fundraise to keep our programs running and growing. Their biggest fundraiser of the year is the Pancake Breakfast. I interviewed 3 members of the planning committee to gather some insight.

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I was told that once again, our Rovers got up at 6AM to flip some pancakes at the festival. What was the purpose behind all of that work?

Chenoa Liu (1 of 2 Project Managers, Community Service Department Deputy): We are part of the community. We want to help other scout groups in the area because it’s important to build ties and make new friends. It also helped that our Scout Group had older members. This meant the younger kids didn’t have to be near the hot stove and cook. Heavier kitchen duties and managing to serve larger groups of people were left for us and some of their Venturer Scouts, while the younger kids could greet guests, sell tickets, and promote their scout group!


Chenoa Liu: Far Left

What is our history with the 12th Richmond Scout Group? Why have we partnered with them over the last 9 years?

Jared Merrell (Project Advisor):  The 12th Richmond Scout Group and the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group have partnered up to work together on our biggest service project of the summer season. The 12th Richmond was my local scout group. Nine years ago, Scouter Judi Merrell approached Scouters Kevin, Nick, Clarice, Lester, and a few other Scouters while the Rover Scout Group was still young. Scouter Judi noticed them when we partnered with them during other Scouting activities. Working with other scout groups provides them with opportunities to reach out to more people. Each Scout Group has something different to bring to the table. Using us for example, we not only brought in man-power to set up and make the pancakes, we also utilized our people skills and connections to gain exposure for Scouting.  We build a certain type of camaraderie when we help other Scout Groups. If we ever needed help from them, I know we could count on them for support in return.


Jared Merrell: Center 

What do you think was the best part of the event?

Alice Feng (Community Service Department Head):  More Rovers are coming out to help with the Steveston Salmon Festival, and they’re showing a lot of enthusiasm towards contributing to our community. For our new Rovers, this was their first community service project with us. We organized the festival in different shifts, but most of the Rovers stayed from beginning to end, from pancakes to parade.

WhatsApp-Image-20160701 (1)

Alice Feng: Far left, blue & white necker

Community Service is an integral part of our Scout Group. Each year, the Steveston Salmon Festival gets better and better, and we hope that we can carry on this tradition in celebrating Canada and Scouting, and welcoming the new members of our community.


For more information on the types of community service we perform, please feel free to check our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages @pccrovers, or check out our other webpage on community service right here.

Sandra Lee

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