The Final Countdown to iProj 2014

By James Ng

This post is part of a series on our upcoming International Service Project to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  You can read more about the project here:

We will be embarking on our next International Service Project to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in just a few days! Each and every participant has been working tirelessly to ensure that we are all prepared for our visit to Mexico. 


The Contingent receives updates on their International Service Project

To kick off our departure for Puerto Vallarta, we hosted a Flag Ceremony on Saturday, April 5th, where we were honored by the presence of government officials from both Canada and Mexico.  For more information on the event, as well as pictures, check out our Flag Ceremony blog here.  A video summary of the event is also available here

During our regular Contingent meetings, participants have been working to prepare themselves both mentally and physically. Aside from the regular updates on the planning process, we have been working on our vocal chords through songs, and our dancing feet through a group dance performance. At this point, we have completed our lessons for the entire dance, and are working to make this a performance our audience will remember for a lifetime.


Contingent members practice their dance

In order to ensure that everyone has packed the correct items for this trip, we held a luggage check on Saturday, April 26th. We also distributed the school supplies we have collected thus far for our service project.

"Don't forget your sunscreen!"

“Don’t forget your sunscreen!”

Aside from our regular meetings, we have another dedicated group of participants working on our service project for the Mexican Scout hall. This project will be broken up into three parts. Our focus will be on painting the logo of the Scout group, a mural project on one of the feature walls within the hall, and Scouting phrases & mottos in Spanish through the hall itself. We will be dedicating a total of four and a half days to this project, and we hope that they enjoy what we have prepared for them.

Having attended the last International Service Project to China, I cannot wait to embark on this next trip. The memories and friendships we make on this trip will be unforgettable!

I invite you to follow along with us on our trip to Puerto Vallarta, as we will be making regular updates to our website here.

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