A Peek Inside an iProj Meeting

This post is part of a series on our upcoming International Service Project to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  You can read more about the project here: http://pccrovers.com/international-trips/mexico-2014/

We’re just two months away from our International Service Project to Puerto Vallarta! Many of you have likely heard about what we will be doing when we arrive in Mexico, but what are we doing right now to prepare for the trip? Well, here is a sneak peek of what we do at our monthly iProj meeting!


In order to better present ourselves as disciplined Scouts at the upcoming Flag Ceremony on April 5th and the Welcoming Ceremony in Mexico, we have been working extremely hard on foot drills and marching. With the help of our commander, Jeremy Tam, and drillmasters Lester Lo, Monique Wong, and Howard So, we are gradually improving our cadence and teamwork. They have also created various fun activities, to help us learn all of our commands.


Besides learning the foot drills, we are also learning Spanish from our maestra, Eli Chan! We hope to learn some simple phrases so we can better communicate with the local Scouts and children in Mexico. Therefore, at each meeting, we have been learning simple Spanish phrases on how to introduce ourselves, and how to order food. At our latest meeting we did not have a Spanish lesson, because we received updates on the Service portion of the International Project! Eli and Shirvin Lee are working closely with Isa Mundo and the Mexican Scouts Association on the arrangements of our service projects in Mexico. For more information about our two service projects, feel free to check out our previous blogposts!


For every International Project, Rover Scouts have also prepared songs that we can perform to the scouts we exchange with. Hence, we are also practicing our iProj theme song, “Land of the Silver Birch”, along with the song, “This Land is Our Land” at our monthly iProj meetings. Something special about this time though, is that we are also preparing a dance to perform to the Mexican scouts. Thanks to Jerome Ting- our choreographer and dance instructor- plus our dance coaches, Pinky Au and Darren Shum, we have learned ¾ of the dance routine! We will work hard to perfect our steps and, if possible, post a video of our performance later on. So, keep following our blog for more exciting updates!

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