Our Graduates Words of Wisdom


Look around, those who are the dept heads & strong PM’s are weekly Scouters. If you want to Grow, consider being a Scouter. Visit one of our home groups and volunteer there. Leadership and personal development do not come over night. Most of us are afraid of commitment but that’s what helps us to grow. So do consider to volunteer with one of our home groups or our scout group.”  ~ Lester’s Graduating word of wisdom

What held me back all the past years was fear. Once I learned to shake hands with Fear, I learned I could achieve my dreams. So I want you to embrace your fear and know it is gonna be there every step of the way.” ~ Steph’s Graduating word of wisdom

I don’t care what you do, just do it. ” Mark’s Graduating word of wisdom
Service is the currency that makes the world go around” ~Simon’s Graduating word of wisdom by video message
Now that I am aging-out, I wish I could stick out one more year as a rover. If there is anything I learned from our crew, they are the following four:
– Be sincere
– Know your worth; yet be humble and not overconfident
– Make yourself available; By being part of our crew and meetings you learn most
– Be generous; If we do not support each other, we don’t have any support” ~ Darren’s Graduating word of wisdom


Mostafa Nejati

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