Little Girl with a Big Heart

By: James Ng

Every organization big or small has its own sets of values in which each and every member of that particular group believes in.  As for the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group the core values we all hold ourselves to is PERSIST.


This month,  our PERSIST winner goes to a Rover who for a long one time was considered THE youngest Rover in our Group.  Shirvin Lee demonstrates her infectious passion for Scouting through her involvement within our Scout Group by continually  engaging  those around her and making them feel special.  Mature beyond her years, Shirvin is recognized not only for her leadership roles as a Core Team Member of Scout Group Support department and the 2014 International Service Project team, but also introducing many of her close personal friends to join our Group, achieving the individual Popcorn Fundraising target and participating in smaller roles, such as a chair for our monthly meetings and MC for our 2012 Annual Christmas Party. Rover Advisor Paul Leung first noticed the “SHIRVINATOR,” as some call her, while witnessing a project debrief meeting. “I remember we were at a Denny’s and there was a heated discussion about whose fault it was. I tried to defuse the situation but there was no need as this 17 year old girl took over the conversation and reminded everyone to think objectively.”

Shirvin’s mentor, Pinky Au, would describe her as someone who, “unlike running a 100 meter dash, Shirvin is a long distance runner.”   She is committed in ensuring everyone on her team is involved within a project.  Shirvin also demonstrates the value of trust where she is able to complete a task without reminders and not only owns up to any mistakes that arise but works to figure a way to make up for it.  Beyond all official titles, Shirvin also acts as one of our Group’s most influential CEOs or Chief Engagement Officers. This year she has brought Rovers together as Captain  on our “unofficial” Vancouver Ultimate League team, the Huck Society and is a primary contributor to monthly PERSIST Award nomination for her peers.


Through her demonstration of passion within the Group, we would like to once again congratulate Shirvin for being the PERSIST winner for the month of March, 2014.

Want to see Shirvin Lee’s response to this recognition? Check out her blogpost here!
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We strive to recognize individual Rovers who not only believes in our values but lives by each and every one of them.  Nominations are made by their fellow peers for the PERSIST award monthly and is then selected by our Head Advisor, John Chow.  This award is presented at our monthly meetings but is earned through demonstration of our values throughout a Rover’s time with the Group, not just for that particular month.


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  • Congrats Shirvin; well-deserved. And may I add that your talk on the RedTalk (April meeting) was fantabulous ! (Y)

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