Well Done is Better Than Well Said

By: Paul Leung, Rover Advisor

It has been said many times before that actions speak louder than words.  When it comes to this month’s winner of our prestigious award, actions are what makes our humble, and modest-to-a-fault, Gloria Ng, an impact member of our Group.

Our award is not one that is given every month. To win, you must be nominated by your fellow peers and selected by our Head Advisor, John Chow. You must also exhibit our values consistently over a period of time, as excellence can only be gauged when you have been repeatedly the best among the best. Having said that, this months winner was clearly one of our easiest choices.


Although Gloria is a long time Scouter, she has only been part of the 180th Pacific Coast Scout group for less than 10 months. She actually rejected our first invitation from her present mentor, Sophia Yip, to join our Group. Attending post secondary school full time and working part-time is a challenge for many young people, and Gloria was no different. However, after a few more persuasive conversations, we were finally able to get Gloria on board and she wasted no time making her presence felt. As her mentor Sophia puts it, “Some people look at glass half full, others look at it half empty, while Gloria, simply asks what can she do to get you a full glass.”

She got started with her first project as a lead for one of our Recruitment-Social nights. She followed that by accepting the role of New Rovers co-manager, along with fellow Rover, Jerome Ting. This role will require Gloria and Jerome to successfully on board over 40 new members this Scouting year. On top of that, she was the successful project manager for our September Gala dinner celebration that featured a guest list of over 200 people, which included Scout Canada Chief Commissioner, Andrew Price. When she was done with that project, she quickly rose to the top 3 Rovers in our annual popcorn fundraiser, with close to $700 in total individual sales.

Did we also mention that in the mist of keeping the Group funded, managing our influx of new recruits, participating in our 2014 International Service project, working part time, learning full time..that Gloria dedicates her Sunday afternoons as a full time Troop leader at one of our 3 Home Groups?

Gloria Ng is one of our special talents. She personifies all of our values, all the time. She takes and craves feedback. She wants to learn and improve. She cares about you as person. She does what the team needs. She is a true Scouter and one we are proud to call our own.

Please join me in congratulating Gloria on winning the December 2013 PERSIST Award.


– – –

PERSIST Award is our own unique way to recognize an individual’s contribution to our Group by committing and dedicating themselves to our values–Passion, Excellence, Respect, Scouting Principles, Integrity, Support and Trust. 


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  • Mostafa
    4 years ago

    Well-DONE Gloria! Your commitment, hard work, and can-do-attitude is an asset to any group or team. Keep doing what you do best! Dream high & keep up the great work. Cheers

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