Come Get Your Hamburgers and Hotdogs!

By: Derek Fung

“Come get your hamburgers and hot dogs for our Scouts Canada fundraiser! They’re delicious! They’re scrumptious! And they’re totally awesome!” was the slogan that was endlessly repeated to the masses that attended the Steveston Farmers and Artisans Market on July 7th, 2013, where the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group held their barbecue fundraiser.


The day could not have been more perfect for the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group to host their barbecue fundraising event that capitalized on the great weather and festival atmosphere. The blazing sun was scorching the earth just like the grill was scorching patty after patty. The thick aroma of barbecue deliciousness wafted throughout the festival as the patties sizzled on the grill. As a new recruit to the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group, the Steveston Farmers and Artisans Market was my first of many events to come and I was undoubtedly enthusiastic and energized for the momentous day.

The Rover Crew, a scout section reserved for youth between the ages of 18 and 26, boasts the noble motto of “Service.” This motto is a constituent of the essence of Scouting and entails the Rover Scout’s duty to serve God, duty to serve others, and duty to serve themselves. The 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group’s  fundraiser embodies this fundamental Scouting principle through its active participation in the community and promoting the Scouting Movement to all walks of life.

 Throughout the day, the Rovers of the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group basked in the summer heat to invite the surveying public to help support the Scouting Movement. Our fundraiser booth had a plethora of delicious hot dog and hamburger combos to offer. Rovers worked hard at the grill, at the cashier, and at the front lines mingling directly with the public to promote our fundraising efforts and the Scouting Movement. As a promoter at the front lines, I was charged with the responsibility of bringing in potential customers to taste our delectable barbecue dishes. It was a role which was both physically and mentally demanding, but all-the-more rewarding when one witnesses the wide smiles written across the passers-by.


Group huddle of the Rovers that volunteered at the Steveston Farmer’s Market BBQ Fundraiser

Part of working in a team entails becoming well acquainted with every member of the group. The members of our Scout Group are hard working, committed and enthusiastic young adults that I feel very privileged to work with. Without this talented group of Rovers, the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group fundraiser could not have achieved such high heights of success.

 As an active member of the Scouting Movement for eight years, and having grown up through the Scout section (ages 11-14 years), Venturer section (ages 14-17 years) and completing my first year in the Rover section (ages 18-26) with the 69th Knights of Kensington Scout Group, my participation in the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group fundraiser has been a refreshing new beginning in my Scouting career. I tip my glass to all of the members of the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group for our hard work and dedication. Here is to many years of happy Scouting to come. Cheers!


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