By: Felipe Gasparino

group photo crew

It’s incredible how sometimes things happen in our lives and how things you do or even places you go could open up new opportunities. That’s the feeling I have after attending the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group Social Night event I went to last year. 

I met Nick Pearson, a member of the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group at a Design Thinking workshop. He invited me to check out the group and out of curiosity, I decided to attend the Social Night that was couple days away.

During the Social Night, I met many members of the  Scout Group, and I learned that the Scouting movement was not only about camping, or just for kids as I had thought.  When I heard they were there to make an impact, and make the world a better place, I felt I was meant to be there to achieve my life goal of making an impact through the use of technology. I learnt that I would be able to get some help in developing myself, to contribute to a good cause and to meet new friends, how could I say no to joining this group?

All this had happened in an important moment of my life. I had just finished my English studies , and then decided to immigrate here to Vancouver on my own. Even though I had an uncle and an aunt around, I was still missing something. All my friends had gone back to their countries, and I no longer belonged to a group.

group ski

Then comes the Scout Group, which has been awesome. It’s a safe environment to learn, including about yourself, to share and explore. It is a place where you find lots of friends, have different adventures and meaningful causes.  It is also a place where you find so much talent, passion, kindness, and welcoming people.  It has been a very intense experience that makes me feel like I have accomplished a lot in the last 5 months since joining.  The positive energy makes me want to stay for a long time.

group investiture

Group picture after my investiture ceremony.
Top: Felipe Gasparino, Alex Dang, Dylan Book and Michael Hryhoriw
Bottom: Hilary Cheng, Jennifer Wu, Sophia Yip (Crew President), John Chow (Head Advisor), Jeannie Chan, Violet Tam

Sometimes I look back, and I see so many different variables on that day like being late for the workshop and sitting close to Nick. I could’ve missed the invite to social night and could’ve missed the opportunity to join the Group.  But what I know now is that I’m very glad to be part of the Group. It’s good to be around amazing people and feel like I’m at home again. Thanks to everyone in the Group for that!


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