It takes a village…

By: Darren Shum & Sophia Yip

Last weekend, 150 youth, and 100 leaders and parents from 11 Scout Groups gathered at Camp Byng for their annual Family Camp, hosted by the Pacific Spirit Area (PSA).  Some of our Rover Scouts attended this camp, representing 23rd Elsie Roy Scout Group, as well as Offers of Service (OOS) for the camp’s program.


Scouter Carol Chan with two of 23rd Elsie Roy Scout Group’s Beaver Scouts

On Saturday, our participants, along with 20 other parents, gathered at the Vortex Low Ropes to receive training from Camp Ranger Elliot.  Our job was to facilitate challenges for the youth by engaging their imagination.  The theme of the camp was “Survivor” and we made sure to create excitement around this theme. Our premise was having a race through the forest while avoiding the terrible ewoks! After painting a picture in their head, we gave instructions and rules on the course, and spotted them as they proceeded.  It was most important that we helped them succeed and gain confidence as they went through the course.


Scouter Adrienne Lee with other Rover Scouts helping youths on the challenge course

Ranger Elliot provided some tips before we facilitated the course for youth:

1) If the task is too easy, challenge them by increasing the difficulty;

2) If the task is too difficult, help them without letting them know, but don’t make it too easy &;

3) Don’t tell them how to do it at first – let them try.  If they struggle, provide some guidance.

It was then that it struck us – this was the exact philosophy taught to us by our Group Commissioner and Head Advisor, Scouter John Chow.  Whether we were Advisors, Mentors, or Rovers Scouts, we were part of the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group and therefore Scouts Canada. To help others at all times – it is our job to help each other succeed.


Scouter Paul Leung and another leader helping a youth cross the challenge course for Beaver Scouts

It was a pleasure to attend the PSA Family Camp and to see such a large community come together for the youth.  It was amazing to see the parents have so much fun at a Scouts camp, and to also witness young scouts succeeding at the challenges.  Watching the parents and leaders cheering and providing guidance to every youth was an invaluable moment.  It was only then that we truly understood the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child.”


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