Rovent 2013: Lucky Number 13

By: Nick Pearson

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Most people see camping as an annual Summer-time only tradition to get away from it all. Those who believe that are missing out on half the fun.


Rovent is the annual winter social camp for the senior sections of both Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada, celebrating its 39th year. It’s held at Cambie Creek campground in Manning Park. We have to go a bit of a ways out to find our winter, unlike the rest of Canada. This year the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group were hosted by the ever hospitable 7th Mountain Burnaby Group.

Yes we slept in tents; some even slept in igloos and snow caves. Yes we survived a long weekend without cellphone coverage. Yes, most definitely yes, we had an awesome time in the snow with other Scouts.

What does Rovent have to offer?

  • Snow Golf
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Horizontal Bungee Jump
  • Two(!) dances
  • Miss Strawberry Flats Talent Contest
  • So much more!


BC Family Day

Excitedly this year BC celebrated its first Family Day holiday on Monday, giving us a whole extra day of camp. However the realization of just how wonderful this extra day is does not kick-in until around dusk Saturday, as the all too typical distressed accelerated rush to catch up with everyone transforms into elation over knowing we have another whole day ahead of us to connect with each other.
This experience has firmly cemented my belief that all social camps should be held over long weekends.


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Want more photos? Check out Mark’s photo set.


We’d like to thank the Rovent staff for putting on another amazing camp, the 7th Mountain Burnaby Group for hosting us with such hospitality, and the BC Government for making the long weekend possible.

Nick Pearson

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