Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Youth Services

By: Kevin Kwong

group picture medal of maple

Scouter John Chow and the Medal of Maple Award Recipients

Four of our Rover Scouts have recently received their Medal of Maple for Distinguished Youth Services, a prestigious award recognizing youth who have made significant contribution in Scouts Canada. The criteria for the award are as follow:

1) Be a member of Scouting for no less than three years and be currently registered and participating as a youth within the 5 sections of Scouts Canada

2) Show outstanding leadership and teamwork capabilities in their area, group council or national Scouting body.

3) Help organize, run or coordinate events that better their community, other scouts and/or the Scouting Community at large

4) Positively benefit other youth members as a direct result of their work, dedication and/or personal values

5) Provide service and display a commitment that exceeds the faithful performance of the ordinary duties and expectation of a youth within their sections, group, local councils or other pertinent Scouting associations and bodies.

An award presentation took place during our January regular Rover Scout Group meeting.  Here is a brief overview of the accomplishments of each deserving recipient::

darren medal of maple

Scouter John Chow and Medal of Maple Recipient Scouter Darren Shum

Scouter Darren Shum first joined Scouting back in 2009 where he volunteered as a leader with the 28th Richmond Scout Group and ultimately joined the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group.  Darren is always seeking new personal growth opportunities, and in his 4 years with the Scouting Movement, Darren has completed all five sections of Wood Badge, Part I, a basic leadership course for adult volunteers.  While volunteering as a full time leader, Darren has volunteered and led many events, such as taking on the role of an emcee at the Pacific Coast Council Gala Dinner in 2010.  Within our Rover Scout Group, Darren has been a department head for the past three years and has taken an active leadership role in our Group’s projects and initiatives, most notably such as the Scouting Now Action Plan 5.1 (Creation of an Outreach Team Camp that amassed 40 participants who were new to Scouting) and planning a cultural exchange camp for the Fukui Girl Scouts of Japan.  Currently, Darren is a full time Troop Scouter with the 28th Richmond Scout Group and is the department head for Recruitment within our Rover Scout Group.  For his dedication to Scouting, Darren was also awarded the Certificate of Commendation in 2012.

jackson medal of maple

Scouter John Chow and Medal of Maple Award Recipient Scouter Jackson Li

Scouter Jackson Li has been in the Scouting movement ever since he was six-years-old.  As a long-time Scout-turned-Scouter and a holder of the Chief Scout’s Award, Jackson always strives for excellence and welcomes new challenges.  Jackson joined the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group back in 2009, and in just a few year’s time, he has volunteered and led in numerous projects, such as the 100 Leader Recruitment Initiative, RoverLife, and our carwash fundraisers.  Asides for volunteering in our Group, Jackson also actively volunteers in the East Vancouver Area for events such as the Chief Scout’s Award interviews, East Vancouver Area Forums, Area Camps, and more.  Jackson has completed his Wood Badge, Part I training for Scouts, Rovers and Group Commissioner.  Presently, Jackson is the Group Commissioner for the 138th East Vancouver Scout Group, where he oversees its day-to-day operations.

paul medal of maple

Scouter John Chow and Medal of Maple Recipient Scouter Paul Leung

Scouter Paul Leung was amongst the first group of Rovers to join the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group back in 2007.  With no previous Scouting history or background, Paul has vigorously attended many training and skill sessions to bring him up to speed.  Within 6 months of joining our Group, Paul was given his first opportunity to act as a project manager for a camp that hosted 30 overseas youths.  He is a holder of Leader Trainer I and Wood Badge, Part I for Cubs and Scouts.  Paul is one of the rare few in our Rover Scout Group who has participated in all three of our international service projects to China, Japan and the Philippines.  For the past 6 years, he has held various leadership positions within the Rover Scout Group, including being the department head for Business Development, Scout Group Support and Personal Development – a role he still holds to date.  Paul has pioneered many of the Group’s innovative programs within these lead roles, including the professional workshop/speaker series, project management training, and monthly Scout Leader sharing circles.  Paul has also served for three years as an executive Cabinet member and Personal Development Plan (PDP) mentor for younger Rovers within our Rover Scout Group.  Presently, Paul is the Akela of the Wolf Cub Pack at the 23rd Elsie Roy Scout Group in downtown Vancouver, and he works hard to encourage youths to do their best while guiding them during their first steps in leadership.  For his service to Scouting, Paul was also awarded the Certificate of Commendation in 2012.

calvin medal of maple

Scouter John Chow and Medal of Maple Award Recipient Scouter Calvin Cheng

Scouter Calvin Cheng first joined the 99th East Vancouver Scout Group back in 2007 as a Beaver Leader, and his active involvement with the group led to his promotion as the Contact Beaver Leader (Section Leader) the following year.  In 2010, Calvin joined the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group and was promoted to be the Group Commissioner of the 99th East Vancouver Scout Group for his outstanding services and capabilities.  Calvin is the holder of Wood Badge, Part I for Beavers and Group Commissioner.  In the past three years, Calvin has worked in various positions within our Rover Scout Group, such as being the Rover Scout Group Librarian, co-ordinator for Personal Development workshops, and a recruiter in the 100 Leader Recruitment Initiative.  In addition, Calvin has volunteered in various capacities in the Pacific Coast Council and for East Vancouver Area events, such as Camp-in-the-box (Beaver camp), Council Gala Dinner, and the Council Centennial Challenge Jamborette.  For his service to Scouting, Calvin was presented with the Certificate of Commendation in 2010.

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