“You can not change anyone. You can only create the environment in which they want to change.“

In the summer of 2009 after I had completed my 2nd year of studies for my Mechanical Engineering degree at UBC, I was introduced to the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group. Being young and cocksure, I joined this crew with the original intent of showing these “scouts” what I, as a veteran Air Cadet, could teach them. But soon after joining, I realized that I had got it all mixed up. Through working with a group of talented, highly dedicated, and frankly better individuals on projects that pushed me to my limits, both in terms of skills and emotions, I quickly learned that this Rover Crew was going to give my professional development a true “spanking”.

Over the next three years with the Crew, which included participating in the International Service Project to the Philippines and working vigorously on various personal development strategies and events, I came out as a more confident young professional, headed to Calgary for a dream job in the oil and gas industry; a job which I was only able to land with help from my mentor, Kevin Li.

When this Rover Crew states that they are serious about leadership and management, they aren’t bluffing. By encouraging me to take on tasks and projects that are outside of my comfort zone, while at the same time keeping me on track with the support of mentors, the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group allowed me to fully test and develop my organization, prioritization, and communication skills – all of which are essential in any leadership or management situation.

I can confidently say that through both the tough learning stages and relieved moments of success, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group. Take my word – if you take a chance and invest your time and commitment into this amazing company of people, you will be fully rewarded.

Leon Yuen joined the Crew in 2009 and departed in 2012 for a job in Calgary.  Leon was instrumental to the 2009 Philippines International Service Project as both workshop presenter and drill instructor. He reprised his drill instructor role for the recent 2012 China International Service Project. Leon is now the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group – Calgary Ambassador.

Nick Pearson

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