Getting the Job

By: Elaine Au

Do YOU have what it takes to get the job you want?

Of course you do. In fact, everyone can get the job they want as long as they take the initiatives to learn the etiquettes, and how to write resumes and cover letters. This takes practice of course. So, to help get the Rovers on the right track, the first ever“Getting the Job” workshop was held on March 25th 2012.

Spearheaded and led by Kevin Li, and facilitated by Aaron D’Souza, Clarice Fu and Paul Leung, this workshop aimed to simulate a real-life job hunt in order to teach participants the secrets to successfully getting a job. Even before the workshop started, participants were being evaluated, and continued to be evaluated throughout the workshop. In the end, the participants who took the most initiative and effort in “showcasing” themselves professionally were “hired”.

The Getting the Job workshop taught foundational skills on how to analyze job postings as well as how to write cover letters and resumes that speak to the employers.  Real-time feedback on interview skills was also provided.  And throughout the workshop, tips were given by experienced Rovers to teach participants how to get to the top of the pile when applying for a job.

Here are some tips that were provided during the workshop:
1) Research the company, practice the interview, and prepare questions for the interviewee.
2) Be like Goldilocks. Aim to be not too hot and not too cold, but aim to be just right!

Here are some examples:

  • Do not arrive 10 minutes before the interview, or an hour before the interview but 30 minutes before the interview
  • Wear clothes for your interview that are one step up from what the company’s employees would wear, but a few steps below from what the CEO of the company would wear
  • Do not give a death grip, or a handshake that does not show the strong person you are, but a firm handshake that matches the firmness of the person who is shaking your hand.

Just remember that applying for jobs takes time and practice. Writing resumes and cover letters can be like learning a new language. Take each application process as an experience and soon you will get the job that you want.

Good luck getting the job Rovers!


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