The Road to "iProj" 2012 – Spotlight 2: Preparations

By: Stephanie Chan

Leadership Training Presentation

Presentation Rehearsals:
The iProj group is diligently working on group presentations for a leadership training program for the local Scouts in Shilong.  Practically every weekend we find the presenters rehearsing, re-drafting and re-structuring their presentations towards perfection.  We will be sharing our Canadian methods of running personal development, leadership, and environmental stewardship programs.  However, the real challenge here is that we will have to find a way to present our final product in Chinese!  Wish us luck!


Guinea Pigs:

At the March Rover Scout Group meeting, Rovers and guests were used as guinea pigs to test out a leadership and team building exercise for one of the sections of our presentations. The exercise was fun and exciting as it challenged the participants to be creative, to adapt, and find ways to communicate with each other. In a nut shell, participants were split up into groups and each group’s objective was to stack cups in a pyramid using the elastic band and strings provided. The twist was that each group must abide by a set of unique instructions and requirements to try to be the first to complete the pyramid. In the end, the exercise was a success and it looks like the iProj group will be executing this to deliver their presentation in China.

Nick Pearson

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