Sharing some of our secrets

This weekend five of our Rovers will be attending the BC Rover Moot (a camp open to 18-26 year olds and their advisors) which will have close to 50 people in attendance.

We are going to present a workshop on personal development plans (shortened to PDP’s) and mentoring. This has been core to our Rover Scout Group’s success, and we’ve been invited to put on this workshop so that other rovers and Rover Crews may benefit.

Personal development plans and their continuing mentoring have been crucial for our Rover Scout Group to give our members the most beneficial roles, lead to more active engagement, and feeling of support & camaraderie. Our members become more empowered as they see true progress on their personal goals and aspirations.

Soon they turn to realizing that their old ways of doing things doesn’t cut it. They want more done, with less effort, seeing old habits as limiting them. Our workshops, project coaching and entire culture run off of this now growing demand, making our members complete objectives, meeting their goals.

Which leads to setting new goals in the PDP, and the empowering circle repeats.

Is there any wonder why we consider this to be our core?

Nick Pearson

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