Guest Speaker – Senator Yonah Martin

For our April 10th meeting, the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group had the privilege of hearing the Honourable Senator Yonah Martin speak as she joined us for a few moments in our lives. A paragon in many ways, Yonah Martin’s message was strikingly powerful, but often times profoundly simple.

Yonah Martin, appointed to the Canadian Senate in January of 2009 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has made a lifelong commitment to the mentorship of youth and young adults. Originally an English and Drama school teacher, Senator Martin has continued supporting youth programs in her new role, being a founding member of the Canada Corea Coactive Society as well as partaking in numerous leadership and mentorship initiatives.

The Rover Scout Group was regaled by Yonah Martin’s recounting of her life up to this point, which has been no small adventure. How does someone who is a schoolteacher, a woman, and an immigrant find themselves as a Senator of Canada? If you ask Yonah, she will give you those as the exact reasons why she is who she is! Senator Martin strongly urges everyone to be themselves, for that is the best one can truly be. As well, it is incredibly important to always be receptive, for opportunities are always coming and going, and when one door opens, another one will open. You must be ready to take a leap of faith sometimes and walk through that door though you may not be sure of what is on the other side.


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