November 7th Climate Change Workshop – Slides & Videos

Congratulations to all the participants of our Climate Change Awareness Workshop!

For those of you who didn’t make it, we put on the workshop we perfected in the Philippines, covering:

  • What is Climate Change?
  • Causes and Consequences
  • Your Carbon Footprint
  • Waste, Recycling, Composting
  • Resources for Scouts
  • Building a Climate Change Program

Whether you attended the workshop or not, you can download our presentation slides here:

As a note, the file is 20.3 Mb’s in size.

The four videos that go with it are:

We’ve already got one amazing response.

The more I think about your workshop – the more impressed I am by the way it was presented – it felt very vibrant – informative and I like the way you went through the various sections with activities – and powerful messages such as the poem at the end, the music video (which I definitely want to use!) and the visual games…

Being both a Beaver and Scout leader I was thankful at how we were able to look at the Climate Change activities and objectives and the trainers were able to translate them into something for both young youth (5 – 7) and the older youth (11 – 14) and make it something they would each/both enjoy! I am excited to put this into action. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I hope others sign up for this workshop – you will come away with new knowledge and ideas for an important issue Scouting is tackling through this badge!

-Joy Fai
North Shore Area Assistant Commissioner – Colony
13th Seymour Beaver leader
15th Capilano Scout leader

We look forward to hearing back stories of all the wonderful Climate Change Awareness programs you put on for your youth!

Nick Pearson

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