FAQ – How do I Import Contacts to my PCCRovers Google Account?

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Our PCCRovers mail service is provided by Google, therefore we can also access Google features using our pccrovers.com email address.

This tutorial shows you how to import contacts to your PCCRovers account through our “Automated Contact Sync” tool.

1. Log on to http://pccrovers.com/tools/contact-sync/ with the provided generic password.



2. Carefully read over the Terms of Service, and click “I Agree”

3. Log in to your PCCRovers account, or select the account if you’ve previously logged in.

4. After you’ve finished logging in, you will be taken to this screen. Please select the option to merge contacts:


5. Click the drop-down tab “more” and click “Find & merge duplicates”

6. After you have completed merging your duplicate contacts, select the most recently imported contact group and select “Delete group” from the drop-down tab.

7. Congratulations, you have completed the contact import process!


You can also manually import contacts with this method:


1. Log in to Basecamp at https://baloo.basecamphq.com/.

2. Inside the right panel, you would see a list of departments. Click on * RoverHQ.
Import Contacts to Google_01

3. Click on Files at the top menu.
Import Contacts to Google_02

4. Find contacts.csv, click on it to download the file. Do NOT download the vcf version, since it doesn’t work well with Google Contacts.
Import Contacts to Google_03

5. Log in to Gmail with your PCCRovers account at https://www.gmail.com/.

6. At the top-left corner, you should see Mail with a down button on its right. Click on the down button.

7. Click on Contacts inside the menu that appears after clicking the down button.

8. Inside the Contacts page, click on More on the left menu, and proceed to click on Import in the expanded menu.
2015-11-28 18_55_35-Google Contacts preview

9. A dialog box pops up indicating that you have to use the old contacts page. Click GO TO OLD CONTACTS
2015-11-28 18_55_35-Google Contacts preview

10. Inside the Contacts page, click on More at the top menu.
Import Contacts to Google_06

11. Find the Import… option.
Import Contacts to Google_07

12. An import contacts dialog pops up. Click on Choose File.
Import Contacts to Google_08

13. Find the contacts.vcf file that you have downloaded in step 4.

14. In the import contacts dialog, click Import.
Import Contacts to Google_10

15. You will  see the updated contacts.

imported contacts


16. Now we need to move the imported contacts to the My Contacts folder. Select all contacts that you wish to import.

select all


17. Under the Groups tab (the one with three heads), select My Contacts, click Apply and the move should take place. Your imported contacts should be under the appropriate folder. move to contacts

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2 Responses to “FAQ – How do I Import Contacts to my PCCRovers Google Account?

  • Good resource page. I think we should add one more step to this, which is merging of contacts. There is a built in function that find and merge contacts under the “more” button.

    • Kenneth Liu
      3 years ago

      Thanks Leo for the feedback! We’ll get right to it.