FAQ – How do I Synchronize Contacts and Emails to my Android Phone?

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The steps should be similar on most Android phones. If your phone’s interface differs too much from this step-by-step images, please email itsupport@pccrovers.com, the Information Systems department would assist you with completing the setup.

1. Find Settings on your launcher.

2. Scroll down to the ACCOUNTS section, choose + Add account.

3. Choose Google from the list of services.

4. You would like to add an Existing Google Account.

5. Enter your log in information for your pccrovers.com account.

6. Wait for the phone to sign in.

7. If you get prompts to add a payment method to your account, choose Skip.

8. Choose to synchronize the following items:

  • Sync Calendar
  • Sync Contacts
  • Sync Docs
  • Sync Drive
  • Sync Gmail


* You must first import contacts to your pccrovers account before contacts would appear on your phone.

9. After setting up your account, give the phone a minute or two to download the information from your pccrovers.com account. Enter your Contacts app to see if the contacts have been downloaded.

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