FAQ – How do I RSVP to a Crew Event on Writeboard? (Updating)

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Here’s a GIF that shows the entire process:
[GIF] RSVP to Monthly Meeting

If you prefer a step-by-step image tutorial, please read on:

1. Log in to Basecamp at https://baloo.basecamphq.com/.

2. Inside the right panel, you would see a list of departments. Click on * RoverHQ.
RSVP to Monthly Meeting_01

3. At the * RoverHQ overview, click on Writeboards on the top menu.
RSVP to Monthly Meeting_02

4. Inside the Writeboard page, find the Regular Monthly Crew Conference that you would like to RSVP for.
RSVP to Monthly Meeting_03

5. Click on “Edit this page”.
RSVP to Monthly Meeting_04

5.5. If the page displays a warning message indicating that someone else is editing the page, click on Take me back, I’ll try again later and wait for the other person to finish editing.
RSVP to Monthly Meeting_04-2

6. Scroll down to find your name.
RSVP to Monthly Meeting_05

7. Indicate your attendance using the following format:
# Your Name *Meet*
# Your Name *Meet, dinner*
# Your Name *None (reason for not attending)*
The “*” bolds the enclosed content.
RSVP to Monthly Meeting_06

8. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Save as the newest version”.
RSVP to Monthly Meeting_07

9. On the monthly conference Writeboard, scroll down and find your name, make sure that the changes that you’ve made have been applied.
RSVP to Monthly Meeting_08

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