FAQ – Dropbox – How do I set up Dropbox on my computer? (Windows)

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Dropbox is one of the main tools we use in the crew.

This tutorial shows you how to download and install the Dropbox client onto your Windows PC, as well as signing up for and signing into your account.

1. Download the Dropbox client at https://www.dropbox.com/.
drop box installation 1


2. Click on the downloaded file to install Dropbox.
drop box installation 2


3. Click Yes upon this pop-up.
drop box installation 3


4. Wait while Dropbox downloads and installs automatically.
drop box installation 4
drop box installation 5


5. Once Dropbox has been installed, a window appears and prompts for log-in information. Sign in with your account. Skip step 6.
If you do not have a Dropbox account, press Sign up at the bottom left of the window.
drop box installation 9


6. At the Sign-up page, enter an email address of your preference, create a password, then click on Sign up.
drop box installation 10


7. You will now see a new Dropbox icon in your Taskbar, on the bottom right of your screen. Click on it.
drop box installation 6


8. Click on the folder icon to access your Dropbox files directly from your computer.
drop box installation 7

Alternatively, you can access this folder in any Explorer window.
drop box installation 13


9. To access Dropbox via your web browser, click on the Taskbar icon, like in step 7, then click on the globe icon.
drop box installation 8

Congratulations, you can now start using Dropbox!

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