FAQ – Dropbox – How do I invite rovers to my department's Dropbox folder?

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This tutorial shows you how to invite rovers, who have newly joined your team, to your department’s Dropbox folder. This action should usually be performed by the department head, or a core team member with the department head’s consent.


1. Log into Dropbox at https://www.dropbox.com/.


2. Locate the department’s folder which you would like to share. Click on the blank space next to the folder’s name.
In this example, we are sharing Information Systems department’s folder.


3. Click on the Share button on the right, then Invite people to collaborate…


4. A dialog Shared folder options for {folder name} will appear.


5. Click on the field Invite more people. Enter the email addresses of the invitees.
*Note: if the invitees prefer using their personal email address for Dropbox, enter their personal email address instead of the @pccrovers.com email address. Please do ask them for their preferences, as some users prefer to have all their files stored within one Dropbox account.


6. Scroll down and click Share. Emails will automatically be sent to the invitees for them to join the folder.


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