Project management is core to our program because it exposes the Rover Scouts to everything that they have to consider in order to be successful. Adapting a Project Charter that was inspired by professional standards, Rovers are asked to consider factors such as the project’s mission, goals and objectives, milestones, budget, stakeholders, and resources. In our workshop called Project Management Training, Rovers are coached on how to execute their goals and plans with concise and organized strategies.

    Check out some of our projects below.


    Planning community service projects allows our Rover Scouts to be exposed to some of Vancouver’s problems. This enables Rovers to think of what resources we have and which we need to help solve the problem at hand. As well, these projects are not exclusive to Vancouver. We also help the communities of those we visit during our International Service Projects.

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    Every month we hold a conference to connect with other Rover Scouts and renew our commitment to the Crew. For those who are interested in event planning, there are opportunities to learn how to properly organize logistics, promote events,  and plan parts of the 3 hour conference. The conference team learns to communicate effectively with the Executive Team and the other departments who are presenting.


    Here’s a video recap of our most successful gala, led by our President Eli Chan. Celebrating our milestone of 180 Rovers in the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group, this gala has become the biggest celebratory event of the year.


    Here is a video capturing one of our more out-of-the-box fundraising events! Taking advantage of the holiday, we spent an afternoon on West Broadway selling roses to Vancouverites. 



    Project management is not always about the serious stuff. Our annual Christmas party is actually one of our biggest internal projects in our Rover Crew that is planned and organized by a team of Rovers

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    Camp Chiefs do more than lead in songs and reserve camp space. The Chief and the core team has to consider a number of different things such as location, budget, attendance, food, safety standards and regulations, and ensure that the event is promoted well. Not everyone in our Rover Crew grew up in Scouting, so some are just being introduced to how wonderful camping can be. The Camp Chief has to be an excellent communicator, and that’s a skill that takes time to learn.

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