Mission, Values & Goals

Our Mission

We are a team dedicated to the success of Scouts Canada by realizing individual potential through leadership and management development.

Our Values

Our team works together to deliver on our mission statement. We believe strongly in a common shared set of values in the acronym of PERSIST – which guide our attitudes and actions.

Passion – We are passionate about what we do and what we want to achieve.
Excellence – We strive for excellence in all of our endeavours, both big and small.
Respect – We respect individuals for who they are, and for their skills and experience as individual and team members.
Scouting Principles – We follow the guiding principles of Scouts Canada
Integrity – We act to the highest standards of integrity.
Support – We support each other and the team, both within and outside of the Crew.
Trust – Above all, we trust each other.

Our Goals for 2014/2015

Overarching Goals for the Rover Crew

Our Rover Crew is committed to our mission and values. At the core, are two major goals that our activities aim to achieve:

  1.  Providing opportunities for leadership and management development for youths aged 18-26; and
  2.   Supporting the success of Scouts Canada.

In doing so, we focus our efforts to ensure that each Rover is afforded an opportunity to work in a unique environment – learning by doing. Primarily, we are active in the Scouting community and aim to influence the success of local Scout Groups through leader training, youth membership growth and growing the Scouting presence in our local communities.

Strategic Goals for the Rover Crew in 2014/15

  1. Improve the recruitment process to support our annual 30% growth plan
  2. Revamp our Google communications system to accommodate for 260 members in 3 years
  3. Implement the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program for financial management
  4. Research and confirm new conference locations to accommodate for 260 members in 3 years
  5. Develop new project management and personal development training systems
  6. Advance the PDP mentoring process
  7. Introduce a new intranet system to replace current Basecamp program

Operational Goals for the Rover Crew in 2014/15

The Rover Crew provides a unique opportunity for youths transitioning throughout various phases of early and mid-adulthood. Our program aims to operate in much the same way mid-sized companies do; our program also aims to measure our success much in the same way mid-sized companies do. We focus on measuring what matters: metrics directly support a larger 3-year business plan and ensures ongoing operations of the Rover Crew. This year, some of our operational metrics include:

  1.  Reaching a total of 180 members in the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group;
  2.  Maintain a retention rate for members no less than 80%;
  3.  Increasing the membership of 3 Scout Groups that the 180th Pacific Coast Scout group directly supports:138th East Vancouver Scout Group23rd Elsie Roy Scout Group and the 28th Richmond SUCCESS Terra Nova Scout Group.
  4.  Plan and execute an international service project for youths and advisors to gain global insights to cultural exchange and connecting Scout Groups from around the world;

For more information all our annual operational and strategic goals and metrics, please contact us atinfo@pccrovers.com.