• In May 2015, a contingent of 29 Rovers and Advisors went to Malaysia and Singapore for our latest International Service Project. During our 15-day trip, we shared with our Malaysian and Singaporean friends a taste of Canadian Scouting, volunteered at a children’s home and led Scouting programs for the children, and partnered with a local Scout group to plant 300 mangrove saplings with a pledge to purchase 5000 more saplings to keep our legacy going.

  • How to Plant a Mangrove Tree

    Here’s a step by step video of our vlogger, Cecilia, and Scouter Paul teaching us how to effectively plant mangrove trees in the marshlands of Sarawak (Malaysia).

  • Visiting the World Scout Bureau

    We visited one of the WOSM headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and met some important Scouters such as Scott Teare! 



  • A 360-Panorama view of the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia