• In May 2012, a contingent of 30 Rover Scouts and Scouters went around parts of China for our third International Service Project. This project has been in the works since the beginning of 2011. Since then, our Rovers have invested over 20,000 hours into this project to ensure that their presentations and programs gave their audiences a remarkable experience.

    During our 14-day trip, our members redecorated a multi-purpose hall at a children’s orphanage in Xi’an, China. We presented on our Rover Crew’s personal development program, leadership, and environmental stewardship and business management program to various government officials, principals, counsellors and youth leaders in Shi’long, China. In addition, the contingent also climbed the sacred Mount Hua, and visited the Baden-Powell International House in Hong Kong.

    Fun facts:

    Shilong is considered one of the ‘Four Big Town in Canton’ (Chinese: 广东四大历史名镇).

    Chen Jin-Kai (Chinese: 陈镜开), a famous weightlifting world record breaker, won Shilong’s reputation as the ‘Home Town of Weight Lifting’.

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