Philippines 2010

On December 25th 2009, a contingent of the Crew and seasoned trainers embarked on a two week visit to the Philippines. Once there we participated in a series of activities, notably the training of local adults and youth leaders, both of the Scouting and non-Scouting variety. Scout training is a very important tool for many areas in the world that have developing education systems, as it provides supplementary skill training thus providing aid to many people in finding and advancing their careers. We provided our training in Davao City, which has over 75,000 Scouts – almost the same amount of Scouts as there are in all of Canada (100,000).

Training Programs that were Offered:

  • Leave-no-trace
  • Management skills
  • Climate change
  • Basic leader training (Woodbadge)
  • World Scouting

In addition, we participated in the 2010 Asia Pacific Jamboree and were set up in pairs to live with a Filipino family for a two day home stay.

In following our Scouts Canada motto, we hoped to create a better world with this global development project. However, the more tangible benefits of this trip was the sharpening of  new skills by each Crew member and the team building aspects imperative to our Crew. We hoped that by bonding together and realizing the hard work we had put in for iProj 2009, our team came together to be more dedicated, committed and more resilient than ever.

Download the flyer here (268 kb).