International Projects

It’s never the destination, but the journey. The stories, lessons and friendships, legendary or unspoken, arise from the struggles and joys that can only come from the journey.

We believe that these trips are the best way to cement a group of people into a cohesive productive team, and we have are the proof of that belief. Each trip has a different purpose and story. You can view ours below.

  • Our biggest Rover-led projects are our International Service Projects (also known as iProj), where we spend 2-3 weeks exploring new places and meeting fellow brothers and sisters in Scouting.

    Scouting is a world-wide organization, and the ability to reach other scout groups, learn from them, and work with them has become integral to developing our Rover Program at home. Below are some of the stories we would like to share with you.

    of International Service Projects

  • These pillars are used as guidelines to plan our International Service Projects. In doing so, each iProj can be different, but still incapsulate everything we want our Rovers to experience as they discover Scouting outside of Canada. There are 5 pillars as listed below.

  • Connecting with Scouts

    We gain appreciation for the worldwide nature of Scouts by learning the different traditions and serving with local Scouts in the countries we travel to. We leave each iProj destination with meaningful and long-lasting Scouting friendships.

    Impact of Service

    Each International Service Project aims to leave the world a better place through meaningful service work. We are not simply travelling across the country to do community service, but we’re hoping to create a lasting impact internationally as Canadian Rover Scouts.

    Cultural Exchange

    We expand our world views by enriching our service work with cultural experiences on each trip. Rovers are able to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, the world and most importantly, the scouting culture in different countries.

    Team Bonding

    Having to spend two weeks together in another country is the greatest test of a Rover’s ability to work in a team. Our contingents often return to Canada with stronger friendships with a better understanding of each other. As a more cohesive team, we are ready to serve Scouting and the community for the years to come.

    Personal Development

    Through these International Service Projects, our Rovers are able to learn more about themselves as an individual and as a leader. These projects are a great place for Rovers to apply the leadership and management skills they learn in the Crew in real life.