FAQ – How do I find departments and their Writeboards on Basecamp?

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1. Login to Basecamp!

2. You can find your department on the right hand side.


3. Click on the “Writeboards” tab in the navigation bar.


4. Here you will find a list of writeboards. Click on the one you are looking for.


5. This will take you to the writeboard for viewing. If you need to edit it, such as to RSVP to an event, click “Edit this page” in the top left.


6. Sometimes, somebody else will be editing this writeboard! Be patient, and try again later; click on the link that says “Take me back.”


7. When you get into to edit, you can make your changes. If you’re only making a small edit, such as RSVP-ing to an event, check the “Minor edit, don’t save a new version: box. Otherwise, don’t check the box. Continue by scrolling down.


8. Click the “Save over current version” button when you’re done.
*If you want to cancel your changes, click cancel. Do not press the back button.


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