FAQ – Gmail – How do I merge contacts from my other Gmail accounts?

This tutorial shows you how to send contacts from one Gmail account to another.

1. Log into the Gmail account containing the contacts that you want to export.

2. Click on the Mail icon in the top left corner, click on Contacts in the drop-down menu.contacts


3. You may be sent to the preview version of Contacts. If this happens, simply accept the dialogue box offering to redirect you to old Google Contacts.preview


4. On the Contacts page, click More, then select Export from the drop-down menu.



5. This opens the Export Contacts dialogue box. You can choose to export only selected contacts. For this tutorial we will export all contacts.

6. Make sure that the Google CSV export format is selected, then press the blue Export.google csv

7. This should begin the download of a .csv file containing your contacts. csv file



8. Log into the Gmail account that you wish to import contacts to.

9. Repeat steps 2 – 3. Like in step 4, click More, but this time click Import. 

10. This opens up the Import Contacts dialogue box. Click on Choose File, add in the csv file that you downloaded in step 7.import


11. You will see that the newly imported contacts have yet to be merged. Click on Find & merge duplicates, and any duplicate contacts between the two Gmail accounts will be merged into one.need to merge importsno dups


12. Your contacts have been imported from one Gmail account to the other.

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