International Project

International Project (IProj)

The IProj team is dedicated to finding meaningful projects with a suitable destination. However, that is not all, the project needs to also include team building, cultural exchange, personal development, cause an impact as well as to allow all involved to experience the brotherhood of scouting. The intention is to seek connections, especially those who can help in the planning stages, communicating with our contacts, figuring out the project proposal, itinerary and logistics. It also promotes communication and public speaking skills through marketing the International Project to both rovers, external guests and stakeholders. As there is a need to coordinate trip details, (including vaccinations, VISAs, applicatiosn etc), there is a great demand for those looking to build up or enhance their communication skills and detail orientation. As a lot of planning goes into the IProj, great research skills are developed in addition to interpersonal, organization and management skills. In short, members of the IProj team are ambassadors who not only pull the whole project together but also finds sponsors and ensure their fellow rovers are prepared and in the know-how.



The Sponsorship team continually endeavours to find resources to support or reduce the costs to support the program, operations and International Project. It does so through researching and appling for grant opportunities, coordinating fundraising events such as popcorn and t-shirt sales, and donations from companies or sponsors. The ability to communicate, both orally and written is often used and improved due to the need to conduct well written reports and letters. Public speaking skills are also developed through exposure to sponsors and companies. Likewise, organizational, research, planning and negotiation skills are fine tuned to make the best grant proposals. As the sponsorship team needs to produce professional work, an eye for detail and creativity is often used.

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