Growth and PR

The Public Relations and Growth team focuses on building a positive image around Scouting by creating strong relationships within the Council and to recruit new members. Our team aims to achieve this through three roles: New Rovers Process, Internal, and External.

The New Rovers Process concentrates on generating new contacts and working to smoothly set up an interview with the Crew. As we are the front-line contact for people interested in the crew, skills such as networking, sales techniques and public speaking are gained. The Internal portion consists of fostering new relationships with other Scouters in the Pacific Coast Council as well as building awareness around the Crew through presentations to Venture Companies, Rover Crews, and Council Management. The External side seeks to promote through the use of recruitment booths and the website. The goal is to create a strong presence so that potential candidates are more aware.

This year, the goals of the Public Relations and Growth are to recruit diverse range of Rovers into the Crew, create synergy and rapport with other Scout groups as well as maintain and establish a professional and informative website.

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