Throwback Mangrove Trees! (iProj 2015 Malaysia)

Throwback Mangrove Trees! (iProj 2015 Malaysia). Looking back now, Malaysia & Singapore don’t seem all that long ago!

Throwback to our time in Sarawak, Malaysia! We trekked towards the marshlands to plant a few hundred mangrove seedlings together– and it’s still going on! In an extended partnership with the Malaysian Scouts, seedlings and these trees are still being planted and looked after. This is our joint effort towards sustaining our environment, and ensuring the well-being of the precious habitat that we can’t have receding any longer.

Despite this speech from Scouter John being 2 years old, the fact remains: environmental sustainability and membership growth are still very important to our Rover Crew. We are very excited to be doing similar projects in Taiwan in just 6 days, so if this is the type of stuff you’d like to see, follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @pccrovers, and subscribe to our Youtube!

Sandra Lee

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