By Sandra Lee

The snow is back! THE SEASON IS NOT OVER YET!

What a beautiful winter we had this time, so we must take advantage! Our two departments, Training & Scout Group Support, thus hosted a snowshoe fun run for a light outdoor adventure up Brockton Point in Mount Seymour to prepare our Rovers to be awesome Home Group Scouters.

Prior to our trek up, Scouters Vivian and Sam did a cold talk with us, which is basically a detailed run down of what we need to bring and when to stay alert. Since we went on a good day, we didn’t have to bring any heavy snow gear other than our snowshoes.


For a day hike, all you need is one small backpack. No need to bring your entire wardrobe. Vancouver weather is lovely and mild, so make sure to not overpack. Bring just what you need to survive. Luckily for us, it was sunny and above 0 degrees.

    • Where are you going? Do you have a trail map of the location you’re going to?
    • Who knows you’re going to this location? Emergency contact?
    • What will you bring? Is this a day hike or will you need to pack more supplies?
    • What will the weather conditions be like? Depending on the weather, ensure to bring sunscreen for more sunny days, and rain jacket and water proof gear for wetter days. 
    • Go over your packing list, make sure you’re not overpacking but bring enough supplies (see below).
      • Use the layering system, base layers, fleece or wool mid-layers with a waterproof breathable shell.

  • While on your hike
    • Stay hydrated
    • Use the layering system
    • Take breaks as appropriate. Keep up your energy level by eating snacks high
    • Pack extra socks in case your feet get wet

Sandra Lee

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  • Nice! I wish I could have made it to this. Looks like you all had a blast 🙂

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