New Rover Perspectives: Caelan Huesing

Continuing to shine the spotlight on some of the Rovers, today I would like to feature one of our newest members, Caelan Huesing, as she shares a bit about her background and what initially attracted her to the program in the first place.

Let’s talk a bit about yourself first.

Well, this is my first year in Vancouver. Before this, I had the opportunity to go backpacking in Europe and travel Asia, and it was wonderful meeting so many people with interesting backgrounds. I think this passion for exploration along with my degree in International Relations really allows me to become more aware of the world as well as see the world in fit together in a more logical way.

That sounds really fun! So you heard all about the international service projects right?

Yes I did! I did have a chance to learn more about it when chatting with Vivian about her past experiences. But what really caught my eye was that the international projects are not just excuses for people to go on extended vacations, but instead was about making an impact in the local communities such as building a school while ensuring that the local economy and environment would not be disrupted. I was also excited to learn that there was training involved.

Awesome! So what will you say that is one focus that you have in the near future?

I personally am really interested in community outreach and volunteering. I’ve only went to the Oakridge Senior Home event so far, but I’ve enjoyed it a lot and everyone was amazing. It was really fun and I really loved how Alice actively offered her support.

As for the near future, I think it will just be about throwing myself into as much as possible. I am really interested in all sort of activities particularly any that will allow me to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives. And I really wish to take advantage of all the resources and the systems set in place, since there is an age out process and I think this is the best time to do and try as much as possible.

I think it sounds like you have found a place for yourself in the Community Service Department. If you had to pick only three adjectives to describe the Crew, what would they be?

Actually, I can describe it in one. Refreshing.

Really interesting. I’ve heard “wonderful”, “kind”, and “supportive” amongst other adjectives, but what made you choose refreshing? Would you mind elaborating more?

It’s just nice to be surrounded by a group of people who are like-minded or equally keen and everyone will choose to be there, as opposed to other events where people only show up to bring up the body count. When people around you are not keen and you will have to be twice as enthusiastic to bring up the energy levels, and often times that can be really tiring.

Thanks for the elaboration. That makes a lot of sense and I agree with what you said. So before I let you go today, what would be one tip that you would give yourself or anyone else that is looking to join our Crew?

Just be yourself. Show what you are enthusiastically into, and if it aligns with the Crew’s values and culture then it’ll be a good place for you to flourish for the next little while.


Sandra Lee

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