Rover Paramedic at the BC Children’s Hospital Charity

Paying taxes, obeying traffic signs, and voting in a government election are some of the things you do as a Canadian citizen. To be a model citizen, we should be contributing members to our community.


Our Rover Scout Group is blessed with a great number of Rovers who carry their passions wherever they go. In some cases, our Rovers bring what they’ve learned outside of the Rover Crew to share what they’ve learned and pass on their drive to the people around them. At other times, we have Rovers, such as Patrick Lai, who bring their passion for community service into the Crew.


Patrick is a primary care paramedic with BC Ambulance and often volunteers at community service events, with an interesting in first aid and public education.

Last week, Patrick was part of the BC Children’s Hospital Miracle Weekend, displaying the ambulance to the children, and was one of the Miracle Makers on the phone panel. Thanks to dedicated volunteers like Patrick, The BC Children’s Hospital Foundation raised 20 million dollars over the weekend.

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Because of his drive, we are grateful to have Patrick as part of the department  for Community Service  (CSRS) core team this year. We look forward to his continued enthusiasm for community service, not only in the local community, but also in the Scouting community at a national and international level! We also hope his passion for service will also invigorate others in our Rover crew to do the same as what he does!


Sandra Lee

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