Why Gala?

This Sunday on March 20th, our annual Gala is finally happening!

Our scout group has been working hard to organize this year’s Gala – countless hours, thoughts and effort have been put into planning. But why do we work so hard for a single event? Simple, the Gala is worth it!

To us, the Gala signifies a gathering of important people to celebrate our successes and reminisce over our challenges that have contributed and help shape the Scout Group we are today. But who are these important people? It’s you!  We would not have been where we are today without the support of our family and friends.


Through our 9 years of growth, we have learned the importance of giving back and setting a strong foundation of our PERSIST values: Passion, Excellence, Respect, Scouting principles, Integrity, Support, and Trust. Since 2007, we have been on more than 5 different international projects to share our love of scouting and our passion for personal development. We have earned both local and international recognition and we are of course, very grateful, but we are still hungry. We are prepared to face more challenges to grow and we are definitely ready to achieve even greater potential! We may be the largest Rover Scout Group, but we aim to be the best representation for rovering in Canada.


The theme of this Gala is “180th at 180 [members]”, a number that seemed far from reach when our scout group first started. Our group started as a 2 man team with the vision to engage individuals to realize their potential through leadership and management development. Fast forward 9 years and a 2 man team has now become a 180 member team. This number of 180 did not come easy for us – although there were many happy and irreplaceable moments along the way, there were just as many challenges and growing pains as well. Growth is very important to us – a wise scouter once said “if you’re not growing you’re dying”.  The amount of young adults who joins our crew is an indicator that we are reaching more individuals to realize their potential. It is another sign that tell us, we are making a difference, one member at a time.

The Gala it is going to be awesome! Looking forward to seeing you there!



Jae-Hui Song

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