The Heart System

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This month the CARE Department introduced the Heart system for houses to compete against each other. The heart system has been put in place to give the houses something to strive for every month. Hearts will be awarded at monthly conference to the houses that performed the best in the month leading up to that conference. This will allow houses that are behind to catch up to those ahead of them. The only way for houses to win hearts is for all the members of that house to come together. At the end of the year, the house that earned the most hearts throughout the year will receive a plaque on the Rover Paddle!

There are four hearts to be won every month:

  • Conference Attendance – this heart is awarded to the house with the best attendance at the previous months’ conference
  • Engagement – this heart is awarded for participating in or being involved in the planning of a project or event (being in a homegroup or a member of a department does not count)
  • Fundraising – this heart is awarded to the house that has fundraised the most money at or since the previous conference
  • Recruitment – this heart is awarded to the house that has introduced the most number of guests to the Crew at or since the last conference



Conference Attendance: Sam-vengers


Engagement: Finding Sofe


Fundraising: Elvin & the Chipmunks


Recruitment: Minions


CARE helps provide community service opportunities, outdoor events and internal socials

-By Cameron Butler, Department Head of CARE

Jan Nguyen

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