Working Together, One Rover at a Time

“Own it”. The first image that comes to mind is a sassy photographer, shouting at a model strutting down the runway. Then, how does this tie in with our last monthly conference, and moreover, our Crew?

Brandon Ma, current Council Commissioner and Advisor to our Crew, spoke of his experiences as the lead volunteer for the Pacific Coast Council and as a Senior Manager at KPMG. He talked about having the initiative to push forward, to take responsibility for your own development. The Scouting program that he grew up with most importantly taught him that he was the master of his own development – it was no one else’s responsibility. Through that, he developed the initiative to push forward in good times and in bad; and when things weren’t going well, to look within himself instead of blaming others which was often much easier. This is all about how much you want it, and however much you put into the program is exactly how much you will be returned. All this to say – none of owning up was easy, but that taking responsibility is necessary in order to move forward.


Also during this conference, we did an activity where pairs of Advisors held a piece of rope, taut, at shoulder height. Next, Rovers were challenged to bring their team mates over the rope that was held. Mind you, our Advisors took advantage of their growth spurts, so this was by no means a skip or hop away. At first, Rovers were hesitant, cautious and unsure of how best to proceed. Slowly, but surely, the teams of Rovers brought their team mates over the Advisors’ shoulders – working together, one Rover at a time.




And so we come full circle: engagement is not something that can be easily obtained. Engagement is an active process to participate and is something that will become whatever you will it to be. And it is that simple: Rovers must take responsibility for their own engagement, and it starts with engaging yourself with your first project, or speaking to your mentor about your development plan.

How will you own your own engagement this month? What will you do to make this Crew, your own?


Sam Chan

Jan Nguyen

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