5000 mangrove seedlings, 2 Scout Groups, 1 Environment

This article originally appeared on the World Scout Foundation website, dated June 2, 2015. Republished with permission. 


Sarawak on the coast of Malaysia is prone to flooding on a cyclical basis. Scouts, as Scouts do, decided something needed to change. They wanted to help prevent and prepare the communities for future flood events.

In May 2015, Scouts from Canada travelled to Malaysia and joined forces with local Scouts as they launched a Mangrove re-forestation programme in Kuching National Wetland Park, Malaysia.

Rover Scouts from 180TH Pacific Coast Scout Group, Canada and Kuching Scout Group, Malaysia planted 300 mangrove saplings in one day to begin the start of a 5000-tree re-forestation programme that will continue for the next two years.

State Chief Commissioner of Sarawak, Sudaryo Bin Osman explained that Mangroves “are catalysts for reclaiming land from the ocean and are crucial for effective combat against sea levels rising due to climate change. The roots of the trees prevent soil erosion, maintain water quality, and protect marine wildlife.”

Eli Chan, the Vice President of 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group added that young people in Scouting have a collective passion towards environmental protection, regardless of the country they are from. “It’s just a part of what being a Scout is all about – recognising a problem, creating a solution and working together to take action.”

The protection of our environment is a vital step thousands of Scouts are taking globally everyday. Scouts understand the importance of inspiring one another on such topics, and thanks to Messengers of Peace, the World Scout Environment Programme and the 1 billion hour service hour challenge, they can share their experiences and passions.

Scouts will continue to leave the world better than they found it.

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To find out more about our International Service Project in Malaysia and Singapore, please click here.

Cheryl Kwan

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