Greatest Appreciations

By Sandra Lee

Although it is true that our Scout Group holds pride in the achievements we’ve worked so hard for prior and during our international service project, it is pointless to celebrate without recognizing those who have supported us along the way. Here is a blog post solely dedicated to the generous donors who considered us and took action in supporting our cause.

Calvin Lee and Paul Pathy from the Malaysian Association of British Columbia


Rover President Karina Lee with Paul Pathy

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Scouter David Huestis from Scouts Canada
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Mr. Mohd Adli Abdullah, otherwise known as The Consul General of Malaysia, who also supported us during our Flag Ceremony.


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Eric Ngieng from the Malaysian Scout Association

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.42.00 PM

Eric Ngieng with Scouter John Chow


With this money, we could afford to be more flexible in planning our projects and open new opportunities for the Rovers on the expedition. Thank you all for such generous donations.

Cheryl Kwan

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