An Unexpected Mission

By Wincy Chan

We were told that if we find ourselves to have free time, we should find something to do so we can be helpful; so we did.

During the last presentation day in Kuching, a few of us Rovers went out on a mission. While our other scouts were busy with their fantastic presentations, a group including myself saw that there were extra lunch boxes left.  We saw these boxes as an opportunity to do what we do best: service. Charles, Gloria, Kelvin, and I collected them and found some places to deliver the extra food. We went to two orphanages and a facility for the blind. Not only did they graciously accept our food, we also got to meet them and tell the about scouting. In addition, our fellow Malaysian scouter, Sharon, often visits them when there are extra food boxes left from events.


The two orphanages we visited were under The Salvation Army, one for girls and one for boys. All the children have lost their parents due to accidents or sickness. We had the chance to put temporary Scouts Canada tattoos on the children, which lightened up a smile on their faces.

IMG_8765 2

The last place we delivered food to was the Sarawak Society For The Blind. Each day they have programs, lessons and cars to take them in and out to the community centres. Some of them are from families, some are by themselves and were sent here. The structure and the system that has been created for them is very efficient and convenient.

The simple things like a lunch box or helping the children put on a tattoo already means a lot to them, which shows how fortunate we should all be. Although the time spent with them was short, to see the smiles on everyone’s face is something money cannot buy.


Although our two-week journey in Malaysia and Singapore has finally come to an end, please continue to support us by visiting our webstore at Thank you!

Cheryl Kwan

3 Responses to “An Unexpected Mission

  • Brenda Sweeney
    3 years ago

    Great story!

    • Mostafa Nejati
      3 years ago

      Thank you Scouter Brenda for your feedback. Although our International Service Project in Malaysia and Singapore has come to an end, the lifelong memories and strengthened Scouting values will be with us forever.
      Yours in Scouting

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