Vlog 9 : Training Workshop Fun

After months and months of preparation, this weekend produced what was one of the most anticipated service projects that we’ve ever  done. The Training Workshop was held in two days and included 4 different modules; Canada Introduction, Leadership, Environmental Stewardship, and Personal Development.

Aside from being your vlog host, I was also one of the presenters for Personal Development held on the second day of our Workshop, specifically speaking about Goal Setting.

This vlog includes me hosting the first day with small clips of us preparing to begin the Workshop; the second day being hosted by Anson Kung and Lawrence Lai following me throughout the day.

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Nick Pearson

One Response to “Vlog 9 : Training Workshop Fun

  • Mostafa
    3 years ago

    Great job Cecilia!! Another awesome blog 😀 Thanks to Anson and Lawrence to capture footage of your presentations too.
    Keep up the awesome work =)

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