Scavenger Hunt Activity

For the Malaysian Rovers at the Kuching Cultural Exchange Conference

Instructions: Write all 4 answers on a piece of paper with your name included. We will be collecting your paper tomorrow on May 10th. All answers can be found in our website.

How to Win: Winners will be picked through a draw. They will only win a prize if they answered the first 3 questions correctly.

Grand Prize: Participant must answer all 4 answers correctly in order to win the grand prize.

1. Name all the International Service Project destinations that we’ve been to so far.

2. Go to Out of the 29 contingent members that are here in Malaysia, find out how many of them are rover advisors.

3. During our time in Kuching, how many mangrove saplings did we plant together with the Malaysian scouts at the mangrove forest? (Hint: Answer can be found in one of our blogs.)

4. GRAND PRIZE: As you’ve noticed, we post daily video blogs (vlogs) on our website documenting our time in Malaysia and Singapore. Our designated vlogger, Cecilia, would often interview our contingent members as we participate in different activities. How many times has Sandra Lee, one of our contingent members, been interviewed in all the vlogs that have been uploaded so far?


Nick Pearson

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