Day 3: Malaysia’s First Food Bank

By Stephanie Chan

Today, we had the pleasure of learning all about the first food bank in Malaysia at the House of Love. We learned that the organization is one of a kind and what the food bank stands for is highly inspirational. Mr. Joseph Pang, the founder of the food bank and House of Love non-profit organization, is a passionate visionary. Today, we had the humbling experience of delivering basic living supplies to less fortunate families in need, as well as interviewing Mr. Pang.

Mr. Joseph started the first food bank in Malaysia in 2013. The idea that Mr. Joseph had when he began the organization is to create a sustainable solution to a social problem, rather than providing a temporary fix that has no lasting impact.  The food bank not only delivers basic living and food supplies, but what is unique about Mr. Pang’s food bank is the additional life counselling and financial planning advice he provides for the families during the months following the deliveries.  The 180th Pacific Coast Rover Crew can relate to this pillar of development and improvement as we are passionate about fulfilling a person’s potential.


Furthermore, with Mr. Pang’s previous scouting experience, he is able to provide a certification program that trains leaders who want to work as volunteers in the House of Love.  Again, this is something that also resonates with our Rover Crew as providing leadership training is in our mission statement.



Today, when we delivered the supplies with the food bank to the families, we were touched and humbled that an organization such as this one exists in the community.  During our deliveries, we were able to interview some families. One of the families built their own shack and has been living in this humble establishment for 20 years.  The families that are impacted and helped by the House of Love are very appreciative of the services.


Mr. Pang’s goal for the future is to unite and bridge the connection between many non-governmental organizations to expand the reach of community service.  The organization already currently provides services to about 80 families in need and we are optimistic the reach will only extend from here on out.  It has been a great opportunity for both our Rover Crew from Vancouver, Canada  and the House of Love from Malaysia where we can extend our reach to the other side of the world.  The House of Love has invited us to reconnect and has extended a welcome to us if we ever visit in the future. Additionally, our Rover Crew would like to recommend that if you ever get a chance to visit Malaysia, it would be a priceless experience to volunteer here.

Mostafa Nejati

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