Day 2 : We Went to School Today!

By Joanne Chow

Today we had an amazing experience with the 1st Kuen Cheng Scout Group at their school. During the introduction, we learned that the school has the Scouts program incorporated into the curriculum. The school is also their campground, unlike what we do in Vancouver, where we Scout out campgrounds in the wilderness.


Today is a special day for both our scout groups because we were there to share our stories, compare our cultures, and enjoy each other’s company as this is the final day we will be seeing the local scouts in Kuala Lumpur. We kicked off the sharing session by performing our foot drills and carrying out a uniform check with Scouter Lew and the Malaysian scout officials.


Both scout groups came prepared with a PowerPoint presentation, introducing the history, awards, and development of how we came to be. One of the most interesting facts that we learned today is the differences between their King’s Scout Award, which is similar to our own Queen’s Scout Award. To earn the King’s Scout Award, the scout must endure a 4-day 3-night camp where they pass 10 tests. Their tests range from building gadgets (pioneering), performing Chinese traditional dance, cooking, tying the Bushman thong and woggle, recording log books, and marching with a staff. They also shared with us their prestigious national records, in particular the largest bird nest structure that was built using pioneering techniques by 50 Shiang Yang scouts in 12 days back in December of 2012. Check out their impressive achievement here.

After presentations, it was time for backwoods cooking for lunch – something we were all familiar with. We started two fires in their campground, rolled our own dough and shaved our own bamboo sticks. We had so much fun with the local scouts cooking, playing games, taking photos, and exchanging gifts. By the end of the day, every scout sported our bright red Scouts Canada wristband!

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At the end of our sharing session, our executive team and their officials exchanged neckerchiefs and souvenirs. We are extremely grateful to have Scouter Lew and his scouts accommodate our contingent for the past 2 days, even on the weekend. Their scout group’s passion and growth are inspirational for us, and we can’t wait to share more memories with everyone when we are back in Vancouver!



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