Service Work in Malaysia and Singapore

By: Cecilia Federizon

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With less than a month until we embark on our International Service Project (iProj), I’m personally getting really excited! Among the many service projects that we will embark on abroad in Malaysia and Singapore, there are two projects that stand out to me: The House of Love Orphanage in Klang, Malaysia and Willing Hearts in Singapore.

House of Love Orphanage 
The House of Love is a charitable and Christian orphanage that started recently. The Orphanage aims to provide educational and social support to abused, neglected, orphaned children.   On our visit to The House of Love, we will be helping around the Orphanage by; cleaning dormitories, washrooms and the library; cleaning the exteriors such as the drains, recycling area and storage room; cooking lunch and dinner; and teaching kids the camping skills and first aid skills.

As a Scout Leader here in Vancouver, I’ve had the opportunity to lead Beaver Scouts (children aged 5-7) for a year and a half. Working with children gives you a chance to let loose and let your imagination out. That’s why I loved leading the children in crafts and games in our meetings and I’m just as excited to be put into a kid’s environment again! I will be on the cooking team for this project (My qualifications are from passing cooking class in High School). Currently, we’re planning to go to the market that morning and buy our ingredients so that we can prepare Canadian meals for the children! Speaking of food, we’ll also be helping serving meals in Willing Hearts. 
P.S. What is a typical Canadian meal that you would prepare for the children in the orphanage? Leave your comments below!

Willing Hearts 
In Singapore, the non-profit organization, Willing Hearts, operates a soup kitchen that prepares and distributes 3000 meals everyday to the needy. Willing Hearts aims to provide the underprivileged and marginalized members in Singapore with support services that will help them to rehabilitate back into society.

In Willing Hearts, our contingent will be helping to serve meals and packaging relief kits. If you remember our blog post, A Day in the Downtown Eastside, we’ll be doing lots of similar things like that in Singapore! Unfortunately, I was not able to go to this event but I have volunteered a Soup Kitchen in the downtown east side before. Working in the soup kitchen really opened my eyes on how these organizations make a huge difference on the lives of the less fortunate. It is exciting to do a similar thing in a country abroad and I can’t wait to help!

Of course there are loads more of projects that we will be doing. But, volunteering at the House of Love and Willing Hearts are some of the things that I’m looking forward to in this iProj!

We will be sure to keep you posted on our adventure in Malaysia and Singapore. Please come back and check for regular updates!

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