Lifehacks: 3 Word Processing Shortcuts You Wish You Knew Before

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You’ve spent your entire life rushing through papers, replying emails, and commenting on cat videos. All of these tasks require you to type on a keyboard. Do you poke at your keyboard letter by letter, or are you a 150 WPM typist? Regardless, you will probably learn a shortcut or two that you didn’t know existed before!


1. Hop between words like a bunny.

You want to navigate the cursor to another position, perhaps to correct a mistake that you made about 5 words ago. What do you do? You hold the arrow key until you reach the target word, a few days later. 1 - normal cursor   But wait. There’s gotta be a better way! And there is, folks! Just hold down Ctrl + arrow. OMG. So simple. 2 - ctrl + arrow


2. Chewing through words like a bunny nom nom noms on a carrot.

Oh noes! A spelling error! Time to click Backspace 138 times now. 3 - normal bkspace

But wait! Would Ctrl + Backspace do the magic like the last trick? Of course it would! Gosh, you’re smart. Now go and delete that horrendously spelled word with just one command. 4 - ctrl + backspace

Also try deleting words backwards with Ctrl + Delete because you’re adventurous. 5 - ctrl + del


3. Sweep across a whole sentence like a bunny happily running on a lawn at the Richmond Auto Mall.

You might already use the Shift + Arrow command to select letters and think you just know it all. 6 - normal shift + arrow

We dare you to use a THREE-key command. Ctrl + Shift + arrow selects a whole sentence! Whaaa?! 7 - ctrl + shift + arrow



One Response to “Lifehacks: 3 Word Processing Shortcuts You Wish You Knew Before

  • Mostafa
    3 years ago

    These are some amazing tips and word hacks! Keewwwwl!!!!! I also like using “Shift + Home” or “Shift + Arrow keys” to highlight an entire line or several lines quickly. =)

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