My Experience at the Photography Workshop

By Alan Law

I was never really any good at taking photos. Sometimes, I would try to take photos of my friends and they would make fun of me for it. So, when I heard that the Rover Crew was hosting another photography workshop, I jumped on that train, eager to learn all the tricks.

On February 28th,  I arrived a little late to the event so I missed some of the introduction. At that point, the photography workshop was already at full speed. The two facilitators, Anson Kung and Elvin Lai, had already explained some professional photography terms that I wasn’t familiar yet, but eventually I learned some basic skills as to how to adjust different lenses, adjusting the light sensitivity, shutter speed, aperture, angles, metering, and some other camera modes.

At first, I was thinking, “oh my god, how am I going to get through this workshop with all these terminology and procedures that I am learning for the first time?!” But then as time passed with more practice, I noticed how totally amazing I’ve gotten with the camera.



Alan’s Tip #1: when taking pictures outside in the sun, adjust the meter of the camera to overexpose the object you are capturing.



Becoming an advant photographer is only half of the job! After our photo session, we returned to the facility to learn how to edit our photos with an Adobe application entitled, Lightroom. I didn’t think that tweaking the lighting could make such a difference! Anson and Elvin spent a lot of time teaching us how to properly filter out these photos. We learned how to use the entire program, so I guess you can say that I’m pretty good at spot removal and split removing now, thanks to those two!


All in all, I would definitely recommend the photography workshop. It was so much fun and such a great excuse to go outside and learn a new skill. Would photography be my field of interest whether it be in the workforce or as a hobby? Perhaps. Only time will tell as I keep capturing photos out of my old-and-not-so-well working iPhone 4.




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